Technology for Working Remotely

Assess Your Work Space

Identify whether you have the necessary hardware and Wi-Fi connection to work effectively from your remote work space. This often includes a desktop or laptop computer, a webcam and microphone to participate in meetings, and a reliable internet connection.  If you need any of this hardware, please contact the MMA Help Desk to see if these items can be borrowed.

Forward Your Office Phone

You can forward your office phone number to your home phone or cell phone.  This needs to be done from your office phone.  

 Forward Remotely       Forward with Your Physical Office Phone

Get Secure Access to Colleague UI

 The IT department has begun to identify those people who need remote Colleague UI access.  Instructions will be sent out to those people regarding how to install virtual private network (VPN) software on your computer and how to use this software to connect to Colleague UI.  If you use Colleague Self-Service, there is no need to install VPN, as Self-Service is available from the internet.

Store Files in the Cloud

Utilize Google Drive to store your files in the cloud.  These files will then be accessible from any internet-connected computer at home or elsewhere. 

Learn More About Google Drive        

Use Google Calendar to Schedule Meetings

Google calendar is a great way to schedule meetings and invite attendees. Continuing to have the same meetings you had on campus will help you stay connected and engaged.  Google Calendar will also ensure that others are aware of the meetings they need to attend.  

Learn More About Google Calendar   Create Appointment Slots for Others to Book via Your Calendar

Hold Virtual Meetings

With the use of Google Hangouts Meet  & Zoom, you can hold virtual meetings and be able to see and hear the other meeting attendees.  You can share your desktop so others can see your content or give someone else in the meeting the ability to share their materials. 

Learn More About Google Hangouts Meet    

Learn More About Zoom


Install Microsoft Office

Due to the software agreement that Mass Maritime has with Microsoft, you are eligible to download Microsoft Office to your personal computer.  Use your Maritime email address and Portal Guard password to download.  The link to install this software is located on the top right of the page after logging in.

Scan Documents with Your Phone

Both Android and iPhones have capabilities to scan documents and save them as PDFs or other formats. 

Use Docusign to Collect Signatures on Documents

Your Maritime Account gives you access to create and route contracts that need signing. 

Docusign  How to use Docusign with your Maritime account 


Help Desk

Contact the MMA Help Desk with questions. 

  • Located in the ABS Information Commons Building
  • Hours M-F 07:00-22:00
  • Phone: 508-830-5308
  • Email:

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