TWIC Requirements

Massachusetts Maritime Academy TWIC policy is hereby updated based upon fourth class cadets nominating major at enrollment.

The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) has determined that the T.S. Kennedy’s personnel shall possess a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC).  This is an integral part of the ship’s Vessel Security Plan.

The President has recently promulgated a policy that requires that all upper‐class cadets to apply for and carry a TWIC.   The TWIC costs $132.50 and is available through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website (  All Fourth Class cadets enrolled in Marine Transportation or Marine Engineering are required to start the application process as soon as possible, but may wait until they are sure they intend to remain a student at Massachusetts Maritime Academy.  Disciplinary action will be taken on any MENG or MTRA cadet that does not present a valid TWIC to the STCW/Licensing Officer (LCDR Huhnke) before the third week of September of their Third Class (sophomore) year. Cadets are reminded that the TWIC is renewable every five‐years.

Officers and Crew: All must possess a TWIC, and it shall be presented to a senior officer or USCG inspector upon request in ten minutes or less. For this reason it is strongly recommended the TWIC be safety stowed in their shipboard accommodations.  A copy of the TWIC shall be given to the Administrative Secretary for Marine Operations to be retained in personnel files.

Upper Class Cadets: Whenever an upper class MENG or MTRA cadets report aboard the T.S. Kennedy or the T.V. Ranger, they shall have the TWIC card in their possession.  The TWIC should be visibly displayed in a clear sleeve on a neck lanyard.   If wearing the lanyard is a safety concern during work assignment, it may be tucked into a pocket, but must be readily available for presentation when so requested.  Four copies of the TWIC shall be given to the STCW/Licensing Officer (LCDR Huhnke) as soon as possible after issuance.  Access to the vessels may be permitted without showing a TWIC, but the card must be presented when challenged to do so.  Cadets are reminded there will be no opportunity to “go get” their TWIC – if you do not have it, you will be placed on report.

Fourth Class Cadets: Application for a TWIC should begin as soon as possible.  If a Fourth Class cadet possesses a TWIC, it should be displayed similarly as an upper class cadets would.  When Fourth Class cadets are in maintenance assignments, there must be a TWIC holder in their presence at all times. If on watch, an upper‐class cadet will escort the Fourth Class cadets on roving security (DETEX) routes as required.