Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Corps




Latest News:

Mass Maritime’s Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Corps Conducts Exercise VIGILANT BUCCANEER 2020

  • May 4-11, 2020 - UAS Corps conducted Exercise VIGILANT BUCCANEER, a tabletop exercise and demonstration for a Reserve unit of a U.S. military geographic combatant command (COCOM). Participants included cadets Pandora Walker (Officer-in-Charge), James Devens (Assistant Officer-in-Charge), Dane Campbell, Dominic Mancuso, Coreen Carley, Patrick Anastasio and Brad Watts. The team planned and executed the exercise virtually, using Google Hangouts and a remotely piloted quadcopter aircraft. For more information, CLICK HERE.

Mass Maritime’s Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Corps Conducts Falmouth Active Shooter Exercise

  • October 16, 2019 - Mass Maritime’s UAS Corps participated in a joint public safety training exercise alongside Falmouth Fire & Rescue Department, the Upper Cape Special Response Team, Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office, Mashpee Police Department, and Falmouth Police Department. The UAS Corp team, which included Pandora Walker (Officer-in-Charge), James Devens, Dane Campbell, Richard Squires and Dominic Mancuso, flew multiple drone sorties, helping incident command staff and emergency responders gain situational awareness during a simulated high-stress active shooter scenario. Another job well done by UAS Corps! 
About UAS Corps 

Mass Maritime's UAS Corps (established 2018) is an SGA-governed organization that provides Emergency Management majors an opportunity to learn about UAS capabilities, operations, principles, and FAA regulations, and apply those learnings through support operations with local emergency management agencies. According to 3/C Dane Campbell, "Our recent (2019) operation with Onset Fire Department was a smashing success. Our team demonstrated that we carefully plan and safely execute our operations. Onset wants us back next year. And, as we continue to build our capabilities and experience, they are hoping to integrate us into more of their operations!"

The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) estimates 15,000 new drones in service by state and local agencies in the next 15 years, and 100,000 new UAS-related jobs in the United States by 2025. Mass Maritime's UAS Corps will provide students with baseline UAS training and experience that will help them prepare for and compete in an increasingly technology-focused EM job market.

In future semesters, UAS Corps will be integrated with Massachusetts Maritime Academy's new Emergency Management Simulation Center, providing students with ubiquitous opportunities for emergent technology exploration.

UAS Corps Members

Officer-in-Charge (OIC) - 2/C Pandora Walker
Assistant Officer-in-Charge (AOIC) and Treasury Officer - 1/C James Devens
Administrative Officer (AO) - 1/C Helen Gottlieb

Operations Officer (OPS) - 2/C Colin Buckley
Assistant Operations Officer (AOPS) - 2/C Felicity Jancezwski

Logistics Officer (LO) - 3/C Dane Campbell
Assistant Logistics Officer (ALO) - 3/C Sean O'Connell

Training Officer (TO) - 3/C Richard Squires
Assistant Training Officer (ATO) - 3/C Victoria Flausino

Public Information Officer (PIO) and SGA Representative - 2/C Cameron Crosman

Faculty Advisors - Dr. Daniel Murphy and Dr. Edward Valla