Why Give to MMA?

Cadets across campus; studying, playing sports etc

Today, through the generosity of our donors, MMA is able to meet 69% of an individual student's need (as determined by the federal government).  Where does the remainder come from?  Too many places:  cadets and their families struggle to find and manage loans, family members take second and third jobs, cadets work during school (which is not easy given the demands of our academic program and the regiment).  The Academy's goal is - within five years - to be able to meet 90% of each individual student's.  Your support - either through the general scholarship fund or a named scholarship - will go a long way to helping us reach that goal

Of course, the payment of tuition alone cannot cover the cost of an MMA education.  Our faculty, our programs, our state-of-the-art training facilities, simulators and labs...they all rely on individual and corporate financial support to afford our cadets the most up-to-date-knowledge and hands-on training available for success in their chosen careers.

And finally, a well-rounded approach to philanthropy leads to well-rounded students.  We are so very grateful to those who support our athletic programs and fitness facilities, both of which are very important to our cadets. Participation on sports teams - whether interscholastic or intramural - and in fitness opportunities provide much needed balance to our cadets.  Gifts to the athletic program provide essential support for uniforms, quality coaches, safe team travel, updated fitness equipment and a highly-qualified training staff.  If you wish to support Athletics, please note on your check or on the online donation form that you would like your gift to be used for Buccaneer Athletics (you can even name a specific sport to support if you'd like!).

Please know that every gift counts, no matter the amount.  There is strength in numbers and if MMA alumni, parents, friends and corporations give annually, these gifts together help fund so many initiatives that will help change and improve lives.

Learn more about what your gifts support here at MMA.