Writing Placement Test

Evaluation of Incoming First-Year Student Writing Skills 
In order to assess their readiness for college level writing, incoming first-year students are required to take the Accuplacer Writeplacer Plus. Scores range from 1-8, with 4 being the minimum passing score. The score from this test, in conjunction with an assessment of the student's writing by MMA writing faculty, will determine which of the writing courses at MMA is most suitable for each student's writing abilities. 

The Writing Placement Test:

  • is administered online or in person (see Accuplacer information)
  • allows one full hour to write the essay
  • provides a passage, and requires students to write a response which develops a critical point of view on an issue and uses appropriate reasoning and examples
  • is evaluated by MMA writing faculty on how well the essay demonstrates features of college-level writing (e.g. critical thinking, focus, organization, support, sentence structure, grammar, and editing)

Students will be automatically placed into an appropriate writing course once the assessment has been completed.